GenderMag Flyer

A two-page flyer that summarizes the method concisely. Often handed out during conferences and presentations.

GenderMag Practices and Potential Pitfalls

Flyer describing the Practices & Potential Pitfalls experienced when incorporating the GenderMag method into a development process. As found through research conducted with 10 real-worlds softare teams.

Cognitive Style Heuristics (from the GenderMag Project)

Heuristics used to running a heuristic evaluation, focused on generating designs aimed towards inclusivity, with an emphasis on the cognitive facets seen in our personas.

GenderMag Infographic

Infographic showing the use of the GenderMag method throughout Oregon State University.

Facet Value Definitions

Flyer explaining the five facets with definitions and examples.


Webinars, Talks, Interviews, Blogs, ...

GenderMag Webinar at City University of London - 2020

An industry-oriented webinar on what GenderMag is, what's behind it, and how to use it. Presented by Simone Stumpf (about 1.75 hours).

HCII Colloquium at Carnegie Mellon University - 2020

"Doing Inclusive Design: From GenderMag to InclusiveMag". Presented by Margaret Burnett (about 40 minutes + Q&A).

ACM SIGSOFT Webinar - 2019

An ACM webinar for the Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT). Presented by Margaret Burnett and Anita Sarma. Note: the following link requires registration in order to watch the recording. We will update the link once the video is posted publicly.

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GenderMag Talk at the University of Washington - 2018

Gender-Inclusive Software talk at the University of Washington.

Margaret Burnett's Distinguished Professor Lecture on GenderMag - 2016 - (60-minutes)

Margaret Burnett's Distinguished Professor Lecture on GenderMag (60 minutes), presented May 2016. (The actual talk starts about 3 minutes in.)

GenderMag Talk at CHI - 2016 - (20-minutes)

Talk on GenderMag (a field study) at The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2016 (20-minutes)

Google Tech Talk - 2015

Google Tech Talk about GenderMag (presented May 11, 2015).


NBC Namibia's Interview on GenderMag - 2019 - (10-minutes)

In an interview on NBC-Namibia, Margaret Burnett from Oregon State University discusses the importance of gender-inclusiveness in technology - especially software tools for programming and problem-solving with GenderMag. She is joined by Prof. Anicia Peters who discussed the Namibian Women in Computing Society's Annual Conference and why Professor Burnett was invited to attend.


CSforAll Blog Post: "No girls allowed" in your School's software? - May, 2019

Some students don't seem to "get" computers as well as others. Unconscious biases in software design are sometimes to blame.

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The New Stack Blog Post: How Men and Women Approach Open Source Differently - January, 2019

With open source software becoming more and more a requirement for job searchers, job seekers are finding that it is critical to becoming a part of this community. Many would rather see a GitHub profile than a CV. But currently, only about 10 percent of open source contributors are women.

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Channel 9 Interview on Gender and Software - 2009

Here is a June 2009 Microsoft Channel 9 interview on Gender and Software with Margaret Burnett.