GenderMag for Educators & Technical Trainers

We offer free resources for educators and technical trainers who want to teach GenderMag and learn it for themselves.

Why teach GenderMag? Research has shown that, when online computer science students learn and discuss GenderMag concepts, they feel included and more interested in their major, which can improve student retention and success. More details available in our ICER'21 research talk and research paper.

Why learn GenderMag? GenderMag can very effectively find, fix, and avert gender biases in any user-facing technology design—including courses! Our ICER'22 research paper gives examples of gender biases found in online courses (on page 8).

BPC Best Practices: More information on the GenderMag Project, GenderMag-Teach and the GenderMag online course as BPC practices can be found in our BPC best practices descriptions. logo

An repository of 50+ free GenderMag open educational resources (OERs) (e.g., activities, lectures, quiz questions) for educators and technical trainers who want to teach gender-inclusive technology design concepts.

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GenderMag Online Course

This free course provides training on (1) how to use GenderMag to find, fix, and avert gender biases in user-facing technology designs, including courses, and (2) how to teach GenderMag concepts. Professional development certificates available.

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