GenderMag Method

The GenderMag method helps software developers & usability professionals find and fix software features with such gender-inclusiveness "bugs".
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Design Catalog (BETA version)

The Design Catalog provides real life solutions created by software developers based on the inclusiveness issues they found in their own software.

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Open Source
Recorder's Assistant Tool

The GenderMag Recorder's Assistant semi-automates the GenderMag Method and can be used on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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AID Tool

An automated detector for gender-inclusivity bugs in OSS project pages.

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GenderMag Teaching

Want to teach GenderMag? We are building an online community for educators to access information and materials about teaching GenderMag.

See our 2018 ICER paper to learn more about the research behind it.

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GenderMag Teach Wiki (guidance)
GenderMag OERCommons Repository (materials)
Support & Training
Online GenderMag Training (New BETA)
Want an online GenderMag training? We offer free, self-paced modules for people who want to use and/or teach GenderMag. More information
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Corporate Training
Want to arrange a GenderMag training workshop at your company? We offer corporate training workshops in order to help software developers evaluate their software to make it more inclusive. Other forms of support for your company are also available.
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GenderMag Practices & Pitfalls

What are practices and potential pitfalls when using an inclusivity method like Gendermag? See our handout below for more details.

Practices & Potential Pitfalls Handout

The research behind the handout: "Engineering Gender-Inclusivity into Software: Ten Teams' Tales from the Trenches", C. Hilderbrand et al., 2020 (ICSE'20)

GenderMag Facets Survey

A survey for measuring a person's GenderMag facet values relative to their peers.

Facets Survey